The Global Awareness Society International promotes research and education in matters related to Globalization.


Globalization has made possible what was once merely a vision: the peoples of our world united together under the roof of one Global Village. Yet, despite increasing interdependence, conflicts continue to blemish the landscape of our planet. We believe that a vital step toward achieving peace, harmony, and cooperation among the diverse peoples of the planet is to promote mutual understanding and appreciation for one another. The Global Awareness Society International strives to turn a global vision into a global reality.

  • To promote awareness of the diversity of cultures within our global communities and to recognize that all human beings are included in the process of globalization.

  • To enhance our understanding of the political, economic, social, demographic, technological, and environmental issues among members of the global community.

  • To increase sensitivity to issues related to rapid globalization.

  • To develop a mutual support network of people and organizations.

  • To provide multiple forums for the exchange of research, knowledge, and expertise on issues related to globalization

  • To develop and expand the number of national and regional Global Awareness Societies under the direction of the International Society to pursue our common goals.