Past Conferences

A key component in achieving GASI's goal of fostering research on the impacts of globalization is the annual International Conference. Here Scholars from the world contribute papers from a wide variety of disciplines.

1992. Washington, DC, USA

1993. New York, USA

1994. Chicago, USA

1995. Shanghai, PR China

1996. San Francisco, USA

1997. Montreal, Canada

1998. Istanbul, Turkey

1999. New Orleans, USA

2000. New York, USA

2001. Accra, Ghana

2002. Vancouver, Canada

2003. Washington, DC, USA

2004. Moscow, Russia

2005. Rome, Italy

2006. Chicago, USA

2007. Seoul, Korea

2008. San Francisco, USA

2009. Washington, DC, USA

2010. Krakow, Poland

2011. San Juan Puerto Rico

2012. New York, New York

2013. Rome, Italy (tent.)

2014. Montego Bay, Jamaica

2015. Philadelphia, USA

2016. Budapest, Hungary

2017. Heredia, Costa Rica

2018. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2019. Marrakech, Morocco

2020. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

2021, TBA

The next International Conference will be held May 21-23, 2020 in Ls Vegas, Nevada, USA. Please see the Attend page for more information.