Gifts that Make a Difference

The Global Awareness Society International gratefully acknowledges individuals and institutions who have generously donated to the various scholarship funds of the Society.


Diane R. Bachan

Joan McKeeman Martin

Friends of the Bloomsburg University Library

Marianne K. Centliver

Shah M. Mehrabi

Justin Arata

Bob and Maryann Cottrell

Nancy Centilivre Neary

David and Mary Erwin

Dwight W. and Anne L. Fawcett

Kevin J. O'Malley

Maureen Galligan

Peter and Heidrun Hagen

Tom and Regina O'Reilly

John and Shi Kyung Harrington

Bob and Margaret Kiles

Ransford Palmer

Sandra Strawbridge Latchem

Joseph E. lawless

Penny and Jim Pomfret

Kee Hee Lee

Duane and Carol Lupke

John D. Rice

Maryellen Rice

Daniel B. Rice

Stan E. Rice

Chang Shub and Myung Ja Roh

Shiyoung Roh

Carol and Paul Russell

Tom and Barbara Silva

David and Diane Silva

David and Diane Steward

Charles and Tammy Strawbridge

Bob and Sally Weigkand

Midori Yamanouchi

Marilyn Zaslavsky

Zold Zemedkun

Daniel B. Lee

University & Corporate Sponsors

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